House Awards


Condo Awards


  • Sweepstakes (W & OW)
  • Best Tribute to Theme (W & OW)
  • Most Beautiful (W & OW)
  • Judges' Special Trophy (W & OW)
  • Best Tribute to the Holiday Season (W & OW)
  • Most Religious (W & OW)
  • Best Animation (W & OW)
  • Most Traditional (W & OW)
  • Most Effective Use of Lights (W & OW)
  • Most Whimsical (W & OW)
  • Most Contemporary (W & OW)
  • Award of Excellence (W & OW)
  • Sweepstakes (W)
  • Best Group Entry (W)
  • Best Tribute to Theme (W)
  • Judges' Special Trophy (W)
  • Award of Excellence (W)

Home Decorating Entry Form

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Contact Person (if group)
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Home Entry Agreement *
I agree to participate with HHPC in its effort to raise funds for children's music education programs by keeping my home decorations lighted on Tuesday, Dec. 6 and Wednesday, Dec. 7, for judging, and during the Cruise of Lights®, Dec. 16 through Dec. 23, from 5pm-10pm. In addition, I agree to return any award banner and house number received by me to the HHPC office no later than January 15, 2017. I understand that the banners cost $100 and the numbers cost $7 each. If these items are not returned to the HHPC office, the cost of these items is deducted from the proceeds given to the children's music education programs in our community. I will make every effort to return them.